Burton Ritual Step On Sweetspot 2024 Snowboard Boots sininen

Burton Ritual Step On Sweetspot 2024 Snowboard Boots sininen
Brand: Burton
Color: slate blue
409.95 EUR

The lightweight, mid-hard boot for Burton’s Step On® bindingsThe Burton Ritual Step On Sweetspot is ideal for anyone who appreciates a balanced mix of medium flexibility and comfort. The Ritual Step On Sweetspot is specially made for Burton’s Step On® binding. The upper eliminates distracting seams for super lightweight, seamless performance. The flexible shaft guarantees freedom of movement for the best freestyle manoeuvres, while the new power strap ensures the best hold with a playful feel. The integrated insulating Sleeping Bag technology keeps the area under your feet and, thus, the entire interior warm. At the same time, the Step On®EST® outsole ensures cosy soft comfort even in sub-zero temperatures. Outer boot The tongues of all Burton boots have an inner reinforcement that completely seals the lower part of the boot, keeping your feet warm and dry. The 1:1 PowerUP tongue with medium flex provides more rebound and long life. The free-moving upper allows you to flex the lower and upper lacing area individually, creating a fluid forward movement, minimising deformation of the outer boot and ensuring maximum heel hold and response. The Step On® Backstay on the back of the boot provides extra grip between the boot and binding and is specifically designed for the Step On® binding. The light rubber print transfers power directly from the boot to the binding, preventing premature fatigue. The Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil is a flat, lightweight underfoot technology that reflects heat to the feet, improving comfort and warmth in cold weather. The Step On® EST® outsole combines grip and traction, giving you a more direct connection to your board. Low profile, lighter and with reduced ramp angle, EST creates a lower centre of gravity and improves board feel. Liner The heat-mouldable Imprint™ 3 liner has a Level 2 EVA footbed with ESS Support Shank arch and antimicrobial coating. More heel hold through a secure enclosure in the ankle area - the Focus Cuff sits slightly higher on the ankle for even more responsiveness. The hook-and-loop liner closure ensures that your liner fits snugly and doesn’t pinch. Lacing system With the powerful, discreet Speed Zone™ lacing, the boot can be laced up in a flash, and adjusting the upper and lower section takes seconds. Powerful lacing means more rebound, support and response with less effort. New England rope laces make your boots virtually indestructible, which Burton guarantees for life. The new Power Strap offers the best support, while the boot doesn’t lose its playful feel. FeaturesBoot for Burton Step On® BindingATTENTION: Only compatible with Step On® bindings.Speed Zone™Articulating cuffStep On® Backstay1:1 PowerUP tongue with medium flexBoot tongue with snow guardImprint™ 3 liner with Focus Cuff and hook-and-loop closureSleeping Bag Reflective FoilStep On® EST® outsoleContains recycled rubberSupport: Medium