DEELUXE ID Dual Boa 2024 Snowboard Boots valkoinen

DEELUXE ID Dual Boa 2024 Snowboard Boots valkoinen
Brand: Deeluxe
Color: white
389.95 EUR

ID Dual BOA Snowboard Boots for perfect fitting performance Get this early release model before everyone else. Over the years, the ID has secured its status in the snowboard scene worldwide. Now there’s one more reason why you simply have to have this boot: The BOA® fit system. Two BOA® wheels allow the upper and lower zones of the boot to be individually adjusted, guaranteeing maximum performance. The ID Dual BOA never lets you down, even in the toughest conditions. Outer boot The ID Dual comes with the Sidekick. The Sidekick uses two reinforcing elements - one lateral and one medial - to maximise power transfer. This allows for a faster transition from edge to edge and provides a more biting ride and better pop. The added safety reduces the likelihood of twisting your ankle. It also comes with Pro Flex construction for a perfect blend of flex and stability. Soft enough for rails and hard enough for big kickers and high speeds. The Skate Flex outsole offers a precise board feel in the forefoot and soft cushioning in the heel. The Backbone is a reinforcement on the back of the boot that ensures durability, stability and regulates the flex. In addition, you can attach a separately available power strap to the loop on the back. Liner The Stage 3 liner has its own lacing and is perfectly adjustable. It’s also thermoformable to mould to your foot. Lacing system Two BOA® wheels allow you to customise the upper and lower zones of the boot for maximum performance. This system is super fast and absolutely precise. FeaturesBOA® Fit SystemSidekick technology with two reinforcing elements for maximum power transmissionPro-Flex construction for flexibility and stabilitySkate-Flex outsole with Slytech cushioningReinforced heel area for extra supportWarming inner soleBackboneFlex Booster Loop for power strap