Dinosaurs Will Die Rat 151 Snowboard kuviotu

Dinosaurs Will Die Rat 151 Snowboard kuviotu
Brand: Dinosaurs Will Die
Color: pattern
359.95 EUR 549.95 EUR

A playful jib freestyle deck for every riderThe Rat is a fun jib/freestyle board and a veteran in the DWD lineup. If you want to let your creativity run free everywhere on the mountain, this board is ideal for you. The soft to medium flex and the hybrid camber profile offer you the right mix for constantly new tricks in any terrain. Riding style Just the right board for those riders who see their entire environment as one big playground, pushing, sliding and jibbing everything. The forgiving profile and soft flex also make it well suited for beginners to learn new moves without getting stuck. Shape The True Twin shape is perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride that’s equally versatile when ridden forward or switch. Profile The Crossbreed Camber profile comes with a classic camber between the bindings and an even rocker in nose and tail. This makes the board turn very easily, but it remains smooth at higher speeds. Flex The soft-medium flex is playful and forgiving, while there is still enough pop to enable controlled freestyle moves. Construction The poplar core with birch stringers is very light, stable and flexible. The benchmark for every snowboard core. The ABS Sidewall is an industry standard in snowboard design. ABS increases stiffness and durability. The extruded base is very resistant, user-friendly and offers good sliding properties even without waxing. Even scratches can be repaired relatively easily. FeaturesTrue Twin shapeCrossbreed Camber profileExtruded basePoplar core with birch stringersABS sidewallsBiax fibreglass