K2 Dispatch LT 2023 Ski Boots harmaa

K2 Dispatch LT 2023 Ski Boots harmaa
Brand: K2
Color: uni
749.95 EUR

Coming in at just 1465 grams, the Dispatch LT is equipped with a 120 flex rating and 60-degree range of motion walk mode - built to withstand your longest, toughest missions. Our new Tourfit LT liner is fully heat-moldable so you can rest easy knowing that your feet are no longer something you’ll need to worry about. FeaturesDesigned with adventure in mind. Superior grip and durability. K2 exclusive tread pattern. 9523 iso DIN.Lightweight, eco-friendly material used in the cuff of select boot models for energetic and consistent flex across a wide range of temperatures.Improved walk mechanism with locking lever, 9-15 degrees of forward lean adjustability and 60 degrees ROM.