United Shapes Cadet 158 2023 Snowboard kuviotu

United Shapes Cadet 158 2023 Snowboard kuviotu
Brand: United Shapes
Color: uni
479 EUR 599.95 EUR

Uncompromised, New Age FreeRideThe original, flagship, directional shape. FreeRide Nature, FreeStyle Soul. Nine years of refinement has led us to confidently say, a snowboard can be simple and still be great. Inspired by snowboarding’s past, elevated for the future, the Cadet is our premier, new age classic. Designed for riders who approach all aspects of the mountain with an open mind and for those who seek harmony between FreeRide and FreeStyle. FeaturesComposed - Ride comfortably at all speedsPrecise - Extreme responsiveness keeps you in control as conditions changeAgile - Lightweight and poppy feel lets you play with the undulations of terrainPowerful - From high velocity carves to deep landingsConsciously Built: With all new manufacturing in Europe, we’re investing deeper into sustainable building. The Horizon is now built with Bio based resins, recycled materials and a sustainably sourced, FSC certified woodcoreClassic Camber: Tried and true, gimmick-free, positive camber brings energy and excitement to the Cadet. It provides pop, control and stability while an early rise nose softens turn initiation and increases floatDeep Days Inserts: With an added set of ultra-setback inserts, the Cadet is built to keep you afloat even on those dreamy, waist deep powder daysDirectional Flex: Increased responsiveness and pop in the tail gives you the power needed to explore the whole mountain, all day long. An adaptable nose makes for quick and easy turn initiation and keeps the riding playfulFreeStyle Soul: Don’t sacrifice your FreeStyle potential, the Cadet loves to ride fakie and land switch thanks to its kicktail and slight 5 mm taperUnisex: All United Shapes snowboards are unisex